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Happy New Year!

How many times during the last month amongst the hustle and bustle of the holidays did we take time to listen? Merriam Webster defines listening – “to hear something with thoughtful attention”. When we are speaking, it is impossible to listen. It requires “thoughtful attention”. It also requires getting in touch with our Higher Self, Inner Guide, Spirit, God, Source, Universe – whatever word you choose to give it. In yoga, it is called Atman. It is in all of us – that place of peace, love, joy and Light. Do you ever ignore that intuition – that little voice of reason? Our Higher Self is constantly conspiring for our greater good if we will pay attention.

A friend recently gifted me with a beautiful little book called Listening – How To Increase Awareness of Your Inner Guide, and it is truly a gem. It’s a really easy read – about 93 pages – and gives beautiful insight into accessing that part of us that we too often ignore. Check it out.

Another priceless tool for listening and cultivating our relationship with our Inner Guide is through meditation. Join me January 13 at Yoga West from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. for an Introduction to Meditation and say hello to that part of you that may have been put on hold. Check out the Events tab on my website for details. See you there!

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