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Private Sessions

Sankalpa Healing Space

Here you can view the variety of services currently offered by Mary.


Sessions can be held at Sankalpa Healing Space in Katy, Texas; in the client's own home; or as a virtual session via Zoom.

Ready to book a session, or have additional questions?

Sankalpa Healing Space

Current Offerings

Integrative Breath / Reiki Sessions

Private Breath / Reiki Session

Semi-Private Breath / Reiki Session

Small Group Session (3-6 people)

Breath / Reiki Class (7+ people)


$150 / person

$100 / person

$75 / person

Each breath session lasts approximately 2 hours.

Life Upgrade Coaching & Mentoring

Private Session

4 Session Package



Packages payable in advance.

Phone Consultations

An in-depth consultation is available if you would like to speak with Mary before committing to a full session.


Ask about our discounts for Senior Citizens and Veterans.

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