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What do those who have experienced Sankalpa say about us?


Saying it was a privilege to participate in Mary Oppermann’s Mudras Workshop is an understatement. One of many understatements about her and her work. Her knowledge is immense, her passion is contagious, her teaching is highly engaging and fun, and the information she translates to we "lay yogis" is most impressive. There is nothing that is not impressive about an encounter/class or workshop with Mary.


My latest (Mudras) workshop gave me more tools in my toolbox to help relax, incorporate into a daily yoga and mediation practice, and inspires me do so. Mary has vast knowledge of the true Sanskrit part of yoga and all involved with it, which adds to the intrigue of her endeavors.  She is nothing less than amazing, and I recommend any encounter one can have with her or what she offers this journey of life.


- TooToo C.


I really enjoyed Mary's workshop. I left with a good understanding of how to begin my meditation practice, different techniques to help me decide how I want to approach meditation, and a better understanding of the process. Mary is very knowledgeable and provided a lot of information, including book references for further study, to help me begin my journey of seeking the peace within me.


- Nikki


Mary has blessed my life on so many levels. Physically, she has encouraged me through many different forms of yoga. She is very helpful with modifications to allow for my chronic neck pain. Mentally, Mary has taught me through various workshops, how yoga can help with chronic pain, the origin of yoga, detailed ways to practice meditation, and how to integrate the power of breath in every aspect of my life. And lastly, spiritually. Mary has challenged me to explore various types of my Higher Power. She has taught me through her own experiences and journey. She does all of this with a loving heart and gentle spirit. I pray she can touch your life as much as she has touched mine!


- D'Shawn


I attended Mary’s Introduction to Meditation workshop. This two-hour workshop included guided meditations, basic philosophy, information on further reading and handouts. Mary delivers this in a down to earth, fun, relatable way. So even a newbie like me, who is naturally non-zen, can see it's an achievable daily activity which will reduce my stress levels.  I felt refreshed after leaving the class. I can't wait to put what I learned into practice and for further classes.


- Elaine J.


More testimonials to come!


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