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What those who have experienced Integrative Breathwork with Mary have to say:


Mary Oppermann's Integrative Breathwork sessions are truly transformative. She has a beautiful approach to body awareness and holds space with kindness and compassion. Her playlists are amazing and add an extra layer of depth to the experience. Mary's sense of humor shines through, making the sessions both enlightening and enjoyable. It is clear she has a genuine love for what she does, and this passion translates into her teachings and the community she has built. I highly recommend Mary Oppermann for anyone looking to explore breathwork and deepen their mind-body connection.


- Jessica T.


Mary's breath sessions have taught me so clearly how healing conscious awareness of my breath can be. Each private breath session with Mary is different depending on what is going on in my life. Yet after every session, I leave with such calm and immense relief. I highly recommend breathing with Mary. It will transform your life!


- Molly J.


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