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Sankalpa’s vision is to empower others to find their authentic selves through yoga, breathwork and other forms of energy healing, so that they can find their own solutions to life’s challenges.

Sankalpa (Sanskrit) means a conception, idea, or notion formed in the heart or mind; a solemn vow or determination to perform; a desire, definite intention, volition, or will. In practical terms, the word Sankalpa means the one-pointed resolve to do or achieve; both psychologically and philosophically, it is the first practical step by which the sensitivity and potentiality of the mind are increased. It is known as the capability to harness willpower, and the tool to focus and harmonize the complex body-mind apparatus.

Ordinarily, Sankalpa means the resolve to do: that is, to perform in order to achieve an objective, as a vow or a solemn promise to oneself. Sankalpa also means concept or idea; a concept is an idea. It is the determination or the will in the mind which precedes all action. It is considered to be creative in character and superior to ordinary thought because it activates the body; it makes one perform a predetermined act in order to achieve a pre-set goal. It means "I will be decisive. I will be whole-hearted. My growth is certain. I know I will make mistakes, but I will pick up and continue." Such is the attitude of Sankalpa without which no progress can be made. Determination does not take root all of a sudden; it is a conception of a deep rooted desire to achieve; to accomplish good intentionally, sincerely, and truthfully. 

In the Yoga system, Sankalpa is the forerunner of any penance. In order to achieve a particular motive or aim, a specific resolve in the form of penance is necessary which should be accompanied by Sankalpa. The daily practice of Sankalpa Mudra is recommended to make that resolve firm and specific. Then the body and the mind becomes changed with special waves the make a person self-confident, resolute, and motivated. The practice of Yoga-Nidra allows the Sankalpa to go very deep in one’s psyche. Sankalpa is a call to awakening. It makes one able to direct consciousness through the chakras. 

During the practice of Yoga Nidra, you will be given time to make Sankalpa, or resolve. This is one resolve in life that really works because like a seed it is placed deep in the rich earth of the subconscious mind. It is repeated mentally with faith and feeling when the mind is relaxed and ready to absorb it. Sankalpa can be formulated to transform your whole being and direction in life, making you balanced, happy, and fulfilled. So, it should always be expressed in the same way - simply and positively, as a statement of your intent.

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