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Life Upgrade Coaching

What does it mean to be fully Conscious? It is more than simply being awake and aware. You already possess the tools within you to remember how your BODY, MIND and SPIRIT are always communicating to align you with your Highest Good, and realize your Soul Purpose. When you recognize that everything in your life is "translatable" to Consciousness, your intuition deepens and all of your life experiences become "maps" to shifting your patterns to ones that serve and support you.

Mary’s Life Upgrade Coaching sessions are designed to lovingly support you in facilitating your own movements upscale in Consciousness. Any long-held patterns you desire to change can be shifted simply by making new choices – choices of the words you use, and choosing to be aware of signals or "language" in your body. Our bodies are a manifestation of our sub-conscious mind, and if we can learn to read the messages our bodies are trying to send us, we can unlock the mystery of ingrained patterns that do not serve us. As a skilled Body Language Translator, Mary supports various physical manifestations of an issue that is hidden beyond the physical.


"I have re-discovered my natural confidence, peace, and unconditional love for who I am. I am forever grateful to Mary for her powerful guidance."

- Katie Jones

"With Mary’s gentle guidance my mind is free to explore and either wring out something I no longer need or expand on something profoundly beautiful and perfect. Mary’s knowledge and compassion show up throughout this process and her unadulterated love for the human soul makes me feel brand new…every time."

- J.C.


Interested in upgrading your life?

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