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Sankalpa was founded by Mary Oppermann to serve the Houston, Katy, and surrounding areas. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning "a conception, idea or notion formed in the heart or mind; a solemn vow or determination to perform; a desire, definite intention, volition or will."

Here you can discover the restorative benefits of Integrative Breath, Reiki, and Life Upgrade Coaching - whether by scheduling a private session with Mary, or by learning about upcoming events and workshops. Take a moment to breathe deeply, explore, and see what Sankalpa has to offer.

Integrative Breath

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Life Upgrade Coaching

What People Say

"[Mary's] knowledge is immense, her passion is contagious, her teaching is highly engaging and fun, and the information she translates to we 'lay yogis' is most impressive."


—  TooToo C.

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Mary Oppermann
Chakras and Energy Healing
Breath and Breathwork
Harmonium and Meditation Bells Music
Ganesha India Spirituality
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