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Faith In Wellness: Upcoming & Ongoing Events

The Art of Conscious Creating

with Faith Bost & Honor Godin

We are excited to explore creativity and share a formula which opens and enables your moment. The source of creativity is connection to the higher-self, the Mystery or God. How is it for us to see and experience the Truly New in our lives. Something new is available every moment and choice is the key. Artists and scientists tap into this when in peak states. Whether you are interested in painting a picture or engaging in a conversation with your partner or a stranger, we have you covered. We know guided by our heart and a passion for what we choose all things are possible, but not evident to our current reality. Clearing mental and emotional distractions coupled with simple practice open the field of possibility. The class is designed to provide tools to create from a new space. We will explain and practice Imagination Engagement & Outcome Mapping. These power tools allow our subconscious to guide us to deeper into the present and create from a new choice. This is not a concept class, be prepared to dig in and play. Come join us for for an experience of the Truly New which awaits us all.

Meeting Date:

Saturday October 27, 2018

10am- 4pm

Investment $75

Organic Lunch & Miracles Included

(Please note, I will not be in attendance for this particular event; you will be experiencing the fantastic work of Faith Bost and Honor Godin.)


Atom & Eve Retreat


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