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Enlightened Iridology

Men and women have been reading eyes for thousands of years. Ancients referred to our eyes as “the windows of our soul”. Many cultures have archaeological data documenting the study of the iris and its relationship to the organ of the body. Archaeologists found silver plates with detailed diagrams of the eye in Tutankhamon’s tomb (1400-1392 B.C.) The condition of the eyes was carefully noted in traditional Tibetan medicine, relating markings in the eye to liver functioning and blood disorders. Iridology as a modern tool for supporting health evolved along with homeopathic medicine into a professional practice in the mid-1800’s in Europe. 

Modern iridology is known to examine the body systems through maps of the eye. Our eyes reflect the genetic makeup of our parents. As a fetus forming, our body grows the main nerves of our spinal cord first, which then grow and expand into the first part of the brain to form the eyes. Our iris, the colorful center of our eyes, reflects what we are experiencing in the various organs and parts of our body.

It is known our thoughts and emotions affect our DNA and RNA conformation which directs our physical health and consciousness. Using a similar map and a system of questions, Enlightened Iridology maps emotional patterns and perceptions of our inner world and allows the client to discover belief systems and word patterns, which are managing our day-to-day lives.

By applying our system, we reveal our hidden blessings and our greatest strengths. Energies, which may have been acting for generations, are upgraded and new opportunities arrive in our reality. We are capable of reprogramming our DNA code to transmute ancestral issues (physical and emotional), to serve our highest good. One can positively affect how we perceive and experience the outer world by bringing into our consciousness the word patterns we use and re-defining the emotions associated with them. Enlightened Iridology provides a system to not only analyze subconscious limiting belief patterns, but also a way to transform those patterns into beautiful gifts to be appreciated and celebrated by yourself and others.

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