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Change Tracks

I’ve been hearing the term “new normal” a lot. On a soul level, we are entering a major learning curve and it may be time to change tracks and raise our consciousness to a higher level. What helps me is to avoid overthinking, and instead pray for divine energy to guide me successfully onto my new path, leaving what no longer works behind.

Your soul’s path may be changing because you are ready for this growth and freedom. View all seemingly aggravating circumstances and roadblocks as an invitation to move in a new, more aligned direction with your authentic self. Stay connected to your divine energy rather than being distracted by drama. Notice what is no longer good for you and let it go.

Our divine energy may be calling us to change direction. Pray for the strength to fully move upward and onward at this time. Be wary of feeling like the victim of others' negative behavior. It is simply time to change paths. Move up and onward and trust your Divine Nature to guide you. It surely will.

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